Day 34: When you need a nail…

1.  When you need a nail, and your friend brings you that and so much more.

2.  Knowing that I have someone to call when I get the urge to drink. Just knowing.

3.  Noodle bowls and hot tea.

4.  Thunder and rain.

5.  Cleaning, organizing, and new beginnings.

Day 6: Sometimes we have to start over

1.  Eating on the back deck with my family this week has been a blessing.

2.  My dogs are freaking cute.

3.  Simon is growing into his own little person who is quickly becoming not so little.

4.  Jack’s man-hands surprise me every time. Thankfully, he still likes to hold hands, give hugs, and kiss his momma.

5.  Prayers for my sister and her health today.

Day 21: Presence

1.  Darryl. All we have is now. And I’m delicious.

2.  New friends. Sharing our pain.

3.  Driving. Alone time.

4.  Long, meaningful, and important conversations.

5.  My love for my family.

Days 15-17

1.  Being back on Pine Ridge. Working with Dave and Adam. Laughing about thunderstorms and flat tires. Getting to see Waylon, Dean, Tommy, Priscilla, and Autumn. Chatting with Waylon about friendships and what really matters. Riding horses. Reuniting with Marty. Wide open spaces.

2.  Storms over the plains. Sunrises and sunsets.

3.  We’re all in this together. That takes a lot of love, compassion, forgiveness, and humor. For ourselves and others.

4.  Listening to “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Wow.

5.  Getting hugs and kisses from my kids and dogs when I got home…

Days 13 and 14

1. Rafting with Mom, Jack, Si, and Lynne. It was beautiful and we saw Ospreys, a goat, some deer, and lots of finches.

2. The stars at TOTM.

3. Spending time in Leadville with everyone. And leaving some of Don’s ashes at Becky’s property.

4. Driving to Pine Ridge and arriving to Adam and Dave’s wonderful welcome.

5. Friendship. Especially the ones involving large doses of understanding, introspection, forgiveness, and enduring love.

Day 12: Fires and tears

1.  Let’s go rafting on Friday, people!

2.  We got to have a fire at TOTM last night (thanks, Jacob!).

3.  Hanging out with Lynne at TOTM – I love this woman. She’s 100% herself every single second of the day. ❤

4.  Sitting on the swing with good company, listening to the thunder, and getting just a little wet.

5.  Twelve days in the books. Feeling pretty awesome about myself and life in general!

Day 11: Last “official” day of school

1.  It’s the last day of the school year!!!!! I love cleaning up my classroom, tying up loose ends, letting the baggage from this year go, and getting into my summer phase!!!

2.  Despite wearing shorts and a long-sleeve shirt, I enjoyed the blustery wind and grey skies. I’d rather be too cold than too warm.

3.  I made a few people Palmer Key Chains today that they really appreciated.

4.  I made myself an anklet that I really appreciate.

5.  Getting a beautiful song from a friend via messenger.

Day 10: Double Digits

1.  Having Lynne up at TOTM was so awesome. Being able to spend time with her and talking about life and things that matter invigorated me and reminded me that I’m never alone. I cried when she shared some of Don’s ashes with us, and now I know that he’s forever with us as well.

2.  The stars are beautiful up there. Especially the littlest dipper.

3.  Knowing that I have people, one in particular, in my corner cheering me on as I reclaim my identity gives me strength and pride in myself. I like who I see when I look in the mirror.

4.  Going to The Royal Gorge and all the gift shops was fun!

5.  Hammock time. With dogs!

Day 2, not today or tomorrow…

1.  The weather today was awesome – rain, hail, then SNOW!!! (I didn’t especially like the trees cracking and breaking, but what’re you gonna do?)

2.  Kalijah wrote me the sweetest note…

3.  My dogs are cute as frick.

4.  Simon has been sleeping on a twin mattress propped up on the couch and the coffee table. You do you, man.

5.  House of Cards is pretty good, even if I’m five years late!

Happiness Revival, Day 1

  1. Last night’s full moon. It was beautiful. And a quiet reminder that, like the moon, I don’t shine on my own. I’ve leaned pretty hard on some people in the last few days (and years). And I’m going to keep leaning.
  2. The birds chirping. The cool weather. The overcast skies. Feeling it all.
  3. Cleaning house with Simon today.
  4. Taking the time to finish reading my book (Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng).
  5. I finished grading for the year (y’know, except for those late papers) today!!!